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Being a world-class football player and always being at the top takes a lot of hard work and dedication, both physically and mentally. The exercises and day-to-day challenges of a high-performance football player often require reaching the limit of physical and psychological work in order to achieve short and long-term goals, both as a football player and as a human being.

Our ambassador Luís Figo fought all these struggles during his football career, and always at the highest level. As in everything else in our lives, there were good and bad days, where psychological and mental strengths were tested and pushed to the limit, hence, to be the best, it is not enough to believe: it is necessary to work hard and fight against all setbacks! During those not so good moments of Luís Figo’s career, where injuries and pain persisted and the body did not respond in the best way, the traditional medicines and analgesics that the market had to offer were a short-term solution that did not have the expected result and brought with it other side effects until the day Luís Figo tried CBD products specially designed from natural sources that were prescribed by a doctor.

An innovative treatment that Luís Figo did not believe in initially, but which, over time, helped him recovering from his physical and mental pain. His body began to respond more quickly and Luís Figo began to sleep better, to rest more and to feel healthier and more prepared to face the day-to-day challenges. Anxiety was no longer part of his recovery journey. This was the moment of his life that Luís Figo decided to create his own brand of CBD products.

He studied this topic in depth, including all the production and quality control processes of this type of CBD products and found the right people to help him developing them. Inspired by everything he read, and by the know-how he got from the people who helped him, Luís Figo visited many production sites across Europe, trying out dozens of product samples in search for a final product of true quality. His last trip to Europe gave him the opportunity to meet a representative of the A4 Group. This company’s products combined all the features that Luís Figo was looking for: quality, accessibility and availability concerning all the necessary documentation to start the process. Finding such a reliable partner was a success!

The A4 Group is a full-cycle producer of CBD products with its own plantations, factories, and advanced development processes. By collaborating with this group, Luís Figo was able to develop high quality, accessible products with a very significant therapeutic potential, allowing a feeling of relaxation and peace for those who consumed them. Many of its potential benefits are better known after a period of time of continuous use of these products. Most importantly, CBD products are available, legal and really useful. These food supplements are beneficial for all those who want to live a healthy lifestyle. The CBD cure is within everyone’s reach and awaits you!

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